FINEST HOUR: Twenty One Pilots

Getting into a new band can sometimes seem like a rather daunting task, especially if their recorded material surpasses a few albums. Maybe you want to get into a band who’s supporting one of your favourites on tour, maybe you want to see if the hype is justified, or maybe you just want to discover new music. Whatever the reason, FINEST HOUR is here to whittle down your new favourite band’s material into just one hour of play time.

Ohio duo Twenty One Pilots are back with album number four ‘Blurryface‘ due out on 19th May 2015. It’s been over two years since their monumental album ‘Vessel‘ was released and they have been relentlessly touring ever since. Of course, an hour is simply too little time to capture every song by them and is not substitute for listening to their past albums but hey, it’s a bloody good start.


ADDICT WITH A PEN (from Twenty One Pilots)
Combing a heart wrenching confession in song and a harrowing poem is what Twenty One Pilots are all about and ‘Addict with a Pen‘ is perhaps the best example of this. Tyler Joseph’s echoing voice laced over the haunting broken minor chords make this song a truly moving one.

FRIEND, PLEASE (from Twenty One Pilots)
One of the first songs written under the guise of Twenty One Pilots, the crashing symbols and rising synth only add to the moving lyrical content on bringing someone back from the brink of suicide. Though dark it is still a fantastic listen.

OH MS. BELIEVER (from Twenty One Pilots)
With the talk of snow and jingle of a soft tambourine, ‘Oh Ms. Believer‘ has an almost Christmassy feel to it which only enhances the song’s sweet romance. While the song doesn’t pack the same punch as later numbers, it’s subtly still speaks volumes.

AIR CATCHER (from Twenty One Pilots)
Sounding more frivolous than the bleaker aforementioned tracks ‘Air Catcher‘ has this wonderful Muse-esque quality to it and a chorus with more impact than an asteroid hitting a nuclear power plant.

TAXI CAB (from Twenty One Pilots)
Taxi Cab‘ is by far one of Twenty One Pilots‘ best songs, one that never fails to induce chills down the spine. In a similar vein of ‘Addict with a Pen‘ only vastly expanded upon, this 5 minute emotional endeavour will leave you drained on the first listen where song and poem alike are so tragically beautiful.


GLOWING EYES (from Regional at Best)
Regional at Best‘ is Twenty One Pilots‘ second album, one that was self-released and subsequently withdrawn from online stores. It contained numerous rough drafts of songs featured on their third album ‘Vessel‘ but also a hand full of original tracks too. ‘Glowing Eyes‘ is one of the better of those tracks and though it certainly sound more frivolous than other tracks, the lyrics beg to differ.

RUBY (from Regional at Best)
Ruby‘ is just a wonderfully sweet song written for a family friend of the band. It makes a refreshing break from talks of suicide and depression and is a testament to their musical abilities.


ODE TO SLEEP (from Vessel)
Vessel‘ is Twenty One Pilots’ third album and a stunning one at that. Tyler explores both the depths of his mind and the limits of his and Chris Salih’s musicianship. ‘Ode to Sleep‘ is the perfect album opener, smacking you in the face with a gritty rap opening to their trademark piano tinkles and synth flickers.

HOLDING ON TO YOU (from Vessel)
A personal and crowd favourite ‘Holding on to You‘ is as uplifting as balloon on the moon, well musically speaking anyway the lyrics are still as dark as the emptiness of space. This track is essential listening nonetheless.

MIGRAINE (from Vessel)
With hardly any singing throughout, ‘Migraine‘ is a shining example of Tyler’s poetic ability, flowing like water over ice and a wordsmanship that would put Shakespeare to shame.

HOUSE OF GOLD (from Vessel)
Armed with just a ukulele and a drum beat, it’s incredible the impact such an upbeat, stripped back number can have. ‘House of Gold‘ is one of those tracks that will have you looking up the lyrics before the song is over just so you can sing your lungs out for the final chorus.

CAR RADIO (from Vessel)
By far the darkest song made by this troubled duo ‘Car Radio‘ never fails to force people to stop, sit and simply drink it in. This is not a song to put on in the background, it warrants your full attention for the first listen and the video that accompanies it is just sublimes.

SEMI-AUTOMATIC (from Vessel)
Semi-Automatic‘ is another fine example of Twenty One Pilots‘ dark/joyful juxtaposition with riffs bouncier than a caffeinated pogo stick and lyrics bleaker than a Danish crime drama. It’s certainly one of their catchiest songs though.

THE RUN AND GO (from Vessel)
Don’t let the Do-Do-Do’s and boppy synths fool you into thinking this song about murder is going be anything happy. ‘The Run and Go‘ is a chronically under-rated song from Twenty One Pilots and deserves a place in this playlist for sure.

TRUCE (from Vessel)
After nearly an hour of incredible, yet emotionally draining music ‘Truce‘ is the perfect laidback, slow paced song to wind down to. With just Tyler and his piano, it’s refreshingly subdued and the ideal way to end the playlist on. The music video to ‘Truce‘ portrays the song far better than words ever could.


TIME TO SAY GOODBYE (Tyler Joseph solo)
Though not technically a Twenty One Pilots song, the cover of Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Time to Say Goodbye‘ was made by Tyler Joseph under his solo project and is too good not to mention. The pitch-shifted remix coupled with the disturbed, chilling lyrics are essential listening for all.

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Written by Andy Roberts