FINEST HOUR: Decapitated

Getting into a new band can sometimes seem like a rather daunting task, especially if their recorded material surpasses a few albums. Maybe you want to get into a band who’s supporting one of your favourites on tour, maybe you want to see if the hype is justified, or maybe you just want to discover new music. Whatever the reason, FINEST HOUR is here to whittle down your new favourite band’s material into a sample playlist before delving into the deep cuts.


Even given their homelands rich extreme metal heritage, there is little denying that Decapitated sit at the top of the Polish tree. Consistently blurring the lines between traditional values and fearless invention, their devastating strain of hybrid extremity has seen the peerless quartet reaffirm themselves time and again as perhaps the most unshakable death metal outfit of the (relatively) modern era. Cherry picking just one hours worth of material from their flawless catalogue is certainly something of a challenge…

Decapitated - Winds of Creation

HUMANS DUST (from ‘Winds Of Creation’)
With their collective ages ranging from 15 to 18 at the time of recording, the bands tender years belied their breathtaking ability to produce a searing tech-death masterclass on ‘Winds Of Creation’, the flailing pace and bug-eyed complexity of ‘Humans Dust’ the pick of the bunch.

BLESSED (from ‘Winds Of Creation’)
Discharging a series of controlled rhythmic explosions, ‘Blessed’ showcases Decapitated’s technical flair and sledge hammer muscularity with destructive aplomb.

Decapitated - Nihility

BABYLON’S PRIDE (from ‘ Nihility’)
With an almost post-Pantera southern swing, ‘Babylon’s Pride’ underpins those signature death metal blows with a heaving, Dime-worthy groove.

SPHERES OF MADNESS (from ‘Nihility’)
Unquestionably Decapitated’s staple tune, the immortal ‘Spheres Of Madness’ stakes a weighty claim to be the most infectious death metal song ever, its timeless riffing and syncopated assault at once spawning a live mainstay and an underground classic.

MOTHER WAR (from ‘Nihility’)
Veering between skittering instrumental bluster and rib-caving mid paced barbarity, a menacing ‘Mother War’ impresses with its pristine dynamic shifts and scalpel keen delivery.

Decapitated - The Negation

THE FURY (from ‘The Negation’)
Opening up 2004’s suffocatingly heavy ‘The Negation’, flame-throated front-man Sauron is a monstrous presence as the nail-bomb onslaught of ‘The Fury’ careers out of the gate.

THE NEGATION (from ‘The Negation’)
This cataclysmic title track weaves the bands technical nuances throughout a stompingly honed attack, dropping the pace somewhat for the utmost brute impact.

THE EMPTY THRONE (from ‘The Negation’)
Surging with a clinical brutality, ‘The Empty Throne’ is a vintage slab of sonic aggression, replete with all the guttural power and choking riff torrents which define these domineering Poles.

Decapitated - Organic Hallucinosis

A POEM ABOUT AN OLD PRISON MAN (from ‘Organic Hallucinosis’)
Dialing up a new found sense of mutant rhythmic deformity, the stridently destructive performances of six string mastermind Vogg and drumming virtuoso Vitek were hitting career best heights on ‘Organic Hallucinosis’. The off kilter assault and bulging grooves of this opening track stand as testament to the duo’s sense battering form.

DAY 69 (from ‘Organic Hallucinosis’)
More lurching tech-death savagery, the roiling tempo shifts of ‘Day 69’ are as instrumentally ruinous as anything in the Decapitated canon to date.


HOMO SUM (from ‘Carnival Is Forever’)
Retaining their riff driven intensity yet introducing some subtle shades of invention, ‘Carnival Is Forever’ saw Decapitated continue to flex their contemporary muscle somewhat. ‘Homo Sum’ packed a jaw shattering punch with its ultra-modern approach.

PEST (from ‘Carnival Is Forever’)
A blistering surfeit of blood caked blasting, ‘Pest’ is content in its hellish, route one violence. Unhinged stuff.


Another sonic leap for the band, 2014’s ‘Blood Mantra’ unleashed yet more forwards looking exploration. The claw hammer bludgeon of this titanic riff-storm however delivered an exhilarating slice of pure, uncomplicated death metal violence.

NEST (from ‘Blood Mantra’)
Some sublime six string atmospherics going toe to toe with a skull stomping crunch, ‘Nest’ flaunts a progressive ambiance which is typical of Decapitated’s fearless dynamic enterprise.

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Decapitated are currently on a UK co-headline tour with Sylosis – Check out the dates below:

MARCH 02 – BRISTOL, The Marble Factory
MARCH 04 – GLASGOW, Garage
MARCH 05 – MANCHESTER, Academy 3
MARCH 06 – LONDON, Electric Ballroom
MARCH 08 – COLCHESTER, Arts Center
MARCH 10 – NOTTINGHAM, Rescue Rooms
MARCH 11 – BRIGHTON, Concorde 2
MARCH 12 – NORWICH, Waterfront

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)