FEATURE: Top 10 Halloween films by Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills)!

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’tis the season to be scary with Halloween right around the corner. Homes and gardens are decked and clad in spooky and gory appendages, and with the nights starting to get colder and darker earlier and earlier, there’s no better time to watch some feature-length horror with some popcorn in hand.

Boston’s Ice Nine Kills are particular fans of horror films all year long, so much so that their fifth album, ‘The Silver Scream’, is inspired by them from front-to-back, and with their single releases they’re even creating their own gory mini-series.

Founding member and frontman, Spencer Charnas, is a particular aficionado and fanatic of all things horror, digesting all of the scary films that he can, and regularly reading up on the latest happenings in the horror world through the Bloody Disgusting website.

So, who better than to have list for us all the top 10 films to watch over Halloween? With 10 days until Halloween from the date of this being published, you could watch one of these a day!

THE CROW (1994)

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The Crow gave us the most bad ass darkest anti-hero film of all time and features a brilliant performance by the late Brandon Lee. The movie has resonated deeply with audiences since it’s release over 20 years ago. The film also carries with it a real life tragic story, as Brandon Lee lost his life on set in a freak accident involving a prop gun.

Our song ‘A Grave Mistake’ is inspired by The Crow.


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This is a funny, controversial, and sleazy slasher film from the 80s. The advertising featured a killer Santa Claus which caused a large uproar from upset parents who picketed at theatres showing the movie. It ended up getting banned almost immediately after its release, which made it even more infamous and successful.

IT (1990)

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IT is one of the scariest books and films of all time. Pennywise can switch from jovial to the embodiment of evil at the drop of a hat. Devouring children with a smile is his business, and business is booming!


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This is one of few movies that successfully combined comedy and horror. The film features effects from Academy award winning FX artist, Rick Baker. It turns from terrifying to downright hilarious – you can’t spell slaughter without laughter.


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This film features stunning visual elements and a monumental score created by composer, Danny Elfman. This Tim Burton inspired track features the perspective of Edward, a kind and loving soul who has been cursed with deadly weapons for hands. It’s horror with a heart.


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How can you have a top Halloween movie list and not include the holy grail of slasher films, John Carpenter‘s 1978 unexpected mega hit, Halloween? Everything about this film is a home run for horror, including its pitch perfect score. I’m particularly excited for the new one releasing this October, which is supposed to be a direct sequel to the original, ignoring all other sequels.

Our song ‘Stabbing In The Dark’ is inspired by Halloween.


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This movie is another example of when horror and comedies join forces In a particularly brilliant way. Featuring awesome performances from Devon Sawa, Seth Green, and Eldon Henson, it tells the story of a stoner slacker whose hand becomes possessed by the devil because of how “idle” it was. Unfortunately, it was released the same week as the columbine massacre and was quickly pulled from theatres. It has since gone on to find a cult following.

PSYCHO (1960)

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Alfred Hitchcock‘s crowning achievement, which many consider to be the grandfather of the modern slasher film, was 1960’s Psycho. Based on a book by Robert Bloch, audiences were not prepared for the terror that was going to emanate from the screen. Featuring one of the most iconic scenes in horror history, showering was never the same again.


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Released in the wake of Friday The 13th‘s success, the film features a mad slasher on the loose at a summer camp. While it may lack the twist ending and over all iconic level characters that Friday The 13th gave us, it features some of the best gore effects of the 80s courtesy of makeup FX guru, Tom Savini.


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This is a criminally underrated film by the same people who brought you Jigsaw and the Saw series and features the scariest dolls since Chucky and a really cool mythology behind the vicious ventriloquist villain, Mary Shaw.

The band’s fifth full-length studio album, ‘The Silver Scream’, is out now through Fearless Records.

You can grab the record online now from the label’s webstore (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).