FEATURE: Timelost’s Five Key Ingredients Behind Their Music

Credit: John Nunn

On their latest record ‘Gushing Interest’, Philadelphia’s Timelost once again show their prowess with the likes of ‘Better Than Bedbugs’ that eat 90s influences of grunge and alternative rock.

To celebrate the release of the new record, we caught up with Shane Handal and Grzesiek Czapla from the band who talked us through the key ingredients behind their music.

01.) Chemistry And Trust
Shane: Grzesiek and I have always had a strong bond with each other not only in music but in life. We have always had a lot of mutual respect for each other which turned into trust. When we first started this project we didn’t really know what we were going to do but we trusted each other to turn a directionless idea into something. I sent a guitar idea to Grzesiek without any explanation and he came back with something pretty great right away. We then bounced ideas back and forth along and we wrote ‘The River Broke Us’. After that the ideas just started flowing in a more coherent way for both of us. If we didn’t have that immediate trust and chemistry with each other, I don’t know that it would have come together so easily.

02.) Freedom Of Musical Expression
Grzesiek: As much as we have fallen into the -gaze vibe, the goal was never to be a shoegaze band, but to simply explore all the ideas we’ve both had that weren’t being nurtured by our previous much heavier bands. It was to create something new coming from 2 dudes with different musical backgrounds. The only rule we ever set for ourselves besides freedom was no metal vibes. We’ve sold our souls to the metal gods a long time ago through other ventures and outfits, and wanted Timelost to be a separate vibe altogether. For example, neither Shane or I have ever really got into My Bloody Valentine, so it helps to not be influenced by the arch kings and queens of the genre for which every other gaze band gets compared to. And somehow we still do even though we haven’t spent more than a few minutes listening to them.

03.) Everything Is On The Table
Grzesiek: Every idea gets a chance. If you say you’re good or you’ve said you’ll be great, then you should be able to make anything work. The beginnings of ‘Alone, Clean, and Slow’, for example, was a throw away idea that Shane didn’t even want to use or try out. But I’ve always thought each idea gets a chance and eventually we ended up with one of our favourite songs on the album.

04.) The Mutual Love For Creating Music
Shane: Grzesiek and I have both been attempting to write songs since we were 13/14 years old. It’s just been something that we have always done and loved. There’s no better feeling than writing a good riff, or completing a song. It’s the passion and drive to write music and be in a band that keeps us continuing to write songs and push ourselves to be better than we were with the last song we wrote. Without the love behind writing a great song, we wouldn’t have even started this band. It’s who we are.

05.) Playing Hard
Grzesiek: Although the lyrics melt faster than pyroclastic flows, we aren’t a bunch of dweebs. We are concerned with making good music but just as concerned with playing hard, having explosive fist pumping parts, and taking over the shapezone.

Timelost‘s new album, ‘Gushing Interest’, is out now, via Church Road Records.

You can stream and buy the album via the band’s official BandCamp (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.