FEATURE: One Love Manchester proves how vital and important music is!

Normally, we very rarely cover pop acts and performances, with us generally sticking to the areas of rock, punk, and metal and anything that may fall into those genre classifications. But, due to the nature of the event, what it symbolises, and why it came to be, we felt it necessary to write a little something about last night’s One Love Manchester event.

Now, to quickly catch-up anyone who might not quite be too sure what it was all about, the show was organised and set up to raise money towards the victims of the harrowing terror attack that took place at the Manchester Arena on the evening of May 22nd 2017. An explosion by a suicide bomber went off in the venue’s foyer area shortly after pop star Ariana Grande finished her show there that night, which tragically lead to the death of 22 concertgoers, and many, many more injured.

A week or so after, Ariana Grande vowed to come back to perform a benefit show with a host of other acts to benefit the victims of this horrible incident, and within the space of just 10 days, thanks to an array of incredible teams across Manchester, One Love Manchester was organised and set up.

Performing across the show alongside Ariana Grande included Coldplay, Robbie Williams, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, and Liam Gallagher, to name a few, and by the end of the evening, One Love Manchester raised a total of over £2 million towards the victims of the attack.

For anyone who didn’t manage to catch it or find a stream online, or even just want to watch it again, here’s an embedded player of the full show:

If you’d like to donate to the cause, you can do so now over on the One Love Manchester website (here).

Events like this irrefutably prove just how incredible music is, even in the wake of some very dark and painful times in our lives. This is why music is everything to us, why we live and breathe it, why DEAD PRESS! is even a thing, and why we do what we do.

Imagine if off the back of this show, this becomes a yearly charity gig. Turning terror, horror, and hate into annual joy and comradery through music.

Big up to Ariana Grande, the Old Trafford Cricket Ground, and to everyone else who was at all involved in bringing this massive event together in just 10 days.

Put any genre elitism aside right now. No matter what music you love or hate, we can all agree that music unifies us. Let’s never lose that. Let’s never forget that.