FEATURE: How bands and musicians reacted to the UK leaving the EU!

Yesterday (June 24th 2016), after hours and hours of voting across the country, and then those votes being counted up, the UK made the decision to leave the EU. For those who aren’t quite sure what that is, that’s the European Union – a selection of countries across Europe that work together in a huge number of ways, including economically, travel, and trade, if we’re going to be super brief about it.

The UK has been a part of the EU for over four decades, and following the poll results is the first country (or, set of countries as it includes England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) to decide to leave the union after being a part of it. Of course, such a decision has split the opinions of many up and down the country, and as it affects the music industry, many musicians have also expressed their feelings on this historic decision.

We’ve compiled a bunch of tweets from said musicians, including members of Bury Tomorrow, Neck Deep, Enter Shikari, and The 1975, so you can see how they feel about it all:

If you come across any others, or you’re a musician and you’d like to include your Facebook or tweeted thoughts to the above list, whether you support or disagree with the leave decision, please do feel free to send it our way.

If you’d like to read more about how this may affect the music industry both in the UK, Europe, and beyond, please check out these articles from our pals over at AltPress (here) and Pitchfork (here).

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)