FEATURE: Dreamshade’s Top 5 Sci-Fi Films!

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Swiss mob Dreamshade are back with another dose of heavy and melodic metal with their new record ‘A Pale Blue Dot’ that urges people to think about our role on the planet, and takes its title from Carl Sagan‘s book ‘Pale Blue Dot’.

To celebrate the release of the band’s new single and video Stone Cold Digital, we caught up with vocalist Kevin Calì who picked out his 5 top sci-fi films.


The thought of time travel is something that has fascinated me for a long time and who would not make false papers to take a step forward in time and take a peek? Not to mention the comic potential of this saga that never gets boring. I’ve always thought about how fun it can be to meet your young and still unconscious parents and relate to them as peers. One of a kind, ingenious and full of goodies that have made the history of cinema.


This film really manages to touch on various themes that I believe are increasingly important for everyday life. And it comes with intense delicacy. The theme of ecology comes out in the landscapes of the planet Pandora, a paradisiacal ecosystem on which man wants to get his hands after they have ruined the Earth. Then there is a beautiful love story that melts even the souls of the most insensitive and finally the bravest theme, the horror that can hide in the hearts of men. And Cameron‘s choice to use the term “alien” in reference to humanity is brilliant and a turning point. By the end of the film the protagonist Jake Sully will have completed his spiritual journey which touched me throughout the entire viewing. We can always change for the better and do the right thing!


I’ve always loved that adolescent and pre-adolescent cinema that dominated American production in the 1980s. In fact, it immediately reminded me of the adventures of the Goonies and the movie ‘E.T.’ and made me relive those emotions I felt as a kid.


It reminds me of the Robinson Crusoe story but on Mars. He hooked me because the film is a mix of old school science fiction in a fairly traditional adventure that gave us cinema’s first astronaut botanical superhero ahaha which I found really unusual and brilliant.


This sort of robotic love story sends a strong message to today’s and future generations. In fact, the film underlines in ironic tones the themes of pollution brought to exasperation, and of the big multinationals only profit. The film has a melancholy streak and somehow reminded me of Dreamshade and the message we wanted to give with our latest album ‘A Pale Blue Dot’.
It should be seen by everyone. I think it’s very educational and can sensitize the human being to take care of our planet.

Dreamshade‘s new album ‘A Pale Blue Dot’ is out now and you can buy the album from the band’s official store (here) and iTunes (here).

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