FEATURE: 15 Christmas songs that yule love!

To begin with, sorry for the terrible feature name. But, with Christmas less than a month away now, we thought we’d be merry and bring you merry songs full of merriment that will make you merry about Christmas. Of course, we won’t be putting your conventional year-in year-out tunes you hear all the time. Instead, a few more alternative originals and covers. Enjoy!

Reuben – Christmas Is Awesome

Unless you’re a bitter Scrouge type of a person, you’ll probably no doubt agree that Christmas is awesome. So, why not begin our playlist with a track that declares just that? A track by the now defunct British trio Reuben, the band attempted to get this into the Christmas charts, but sadly, due to an error with iTunes, it was disqualified before even charting. Boo!

The Darkness – Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)

Everyone knows The Darkness best for their breakthrough single ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’, and anyone who has ever heard them before has probably heard this track too. Allegedly released so that frontman Justin Hawkins can have a song on mainstream radio that says “bell end” and “ring piece” in the lyrics, there’s a hidden dirty intention behind this Christmas single.

KoRn – Christmas Song

Definitely one of the darkest tracks lyrically that you’ll find in our playlist, not many artists will go ahead and write a Christmas song that mentions a mouse getting stone or tripping on your dick. Unconventional and far from merry, approach this song with caution if looking for songs to shove on a playlist for a future Christmas party.

Blink-182 – I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

Known for being able to smack smiles on faces with their childish and immature lyrics and behaviour (more so in the old days than recently, of course), Blink-182 have got a few Christmas songs under their belt, and we’ve opted for what we think is the best. Check it out!

New Found Glory – The Christmas Song

Grandfathers of pop-punk New Found Glory have some Christmas songs in their arsenal too, which they manage to pull off exceedingly well whilst retaining their charm. This song, aptly called ‘The Christmas Song’, is just one of these. If you want to try another, we recommend the lovely ‘Ex-Miss’.

Flyleaf – What’s This?

It’s no concealed fact that The Nightmare Before Christmas is a very loved and adored film, especially within the alternative community, and with its re-release many bands covered songs from the musical’s soundtrack for the accompanying bonus CD. Though Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco have also covered this track in the past, we’ve decided to go with the Flyleaf cover of ‘What’s This?’.

VersaEmerge – Santa Baby

Undoubtedly the newest track featured on this here Christmas playlist, VersaEmerge went and put their own spin on the classic Christmas holiday staple track, ‘Santa Baby’. It goes without question that many young teen boys will be getting happy in their pants to Sierra‘s voice on the band’s take of this track. Saucy.

La Dispute – T’was The Night Before Christmas

Known highly for their eradic and very emotional songs and performances, it’s strange to see another side of La Dispute and may be one of the last bands you’d ever have thought would’ve done a Christmas cover. But, yeah, clearly they did one for ‘T’was The Night Before Christmas’, and this is exactly what it sounds like.

Bright Eyes – Blue Christmas

If you’re to know any single Bright Eyes track, it’ll definitely be ‘First Day Of My Life’. Most people seem to love that track, so with that theory most people will probably enjoy their Christmas themed track too. Right?

Into It. Over It. – Jingle Bell Broke

Probably the shortest track in playlength on this whole Christmas playlist of ours, Into It. Over It. is easily one of the most talented yet underrated solo artists of our time, but hopefully his time in the spotlight comes along very soon. Until then, let him brighten up your holidays a lil’ bit with this ditty.

From First To Last – X12 Days Of XxxmasX

Taking the bread and butter of Christmas tracks and then shoving their own scene/emo orientated lyrics in there for what they want on each day of Christmas, From First To Last (before they recruited Sonny Moore on vocals) managed to pull a couple of festive tracks – the other being ‘Christmassacre’ before they announced their hiatus last year.

Zebrahead – All I Want For Christmas Is You

To those who might not know, Zebrahead went and released ‘Panty Raid’, an album composed of cover songs from female artists, ranging from Destiny’s Child to Avril Lavigne. One of such tracks was ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, so here it is.

All Time Low – Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass

Rising stronger and faster as a prime act in the pop-punk scene today with the likes of Four Year Strong, young quartet All Time Low are quite the heartthrob amongst the teen girl market. Not long ago they brought out this C

Fall Out Boy – Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

Love ’em or hate ’em, Fall Out Boy are definitely a huge influence on a lot of today’s up-and-coming pop-punk bands, including the now arena filling British quintet You Me At Six. This is one of their more earlier offerings in their career. They’ve said they’ll come back someday and only they know if that’s true, but until then here they are in Christmas spirit.

Breathe Carolina – Mile High Christmas

Their first ever song they released into the public domain, and was done so before they were even called Breathe Carolina apparently, was their other Christmas track titled ‘Snowed In’. But, as technically that isn’t a Breathe Carolina track, we thought we’d include their Christmas offering that is instead.

Written by Zach Redrup