Whilst you all are still recovering from the food comas you’ve incurred over the festive season, we’ve gone and teamed up with Yorkshire five-piece LAZLO, who’ve just finished a UK tour off the back of their ‘Time Honoured’ EP, to bring you the exclusive premiere of the video to accompany their song, ‘Pioneers’.

You can stream and watch the full video for ‘Pioneers’ below:

Speaking of the track and video, and the message it conveys, the band explained, “It’s a track we wanted maximum impact. The video was filmed in Hull, a location we chose specifically for its potency of beautiful landscapes mixed with urban decay. We wanted the song to extend a narrative about poverty, about morals, about friendship. Videos to me are a chance to flirt with another universe to create something brand new. It’s involving us in something else. The way that works is I like finding people that are really excited and hungry to make something. I love the idea of our song being a vehicle for whatever their passionate thing is that they want to get out.

Having the opportunity to act in the video was really awesome but also it was a real eye opener walking around the city as a homeless person and witnessing the public’s reaction, I went for a coffee at one point on my own and the two ladies serving me were instantly dubious of me as a character. At least until I started to speak and be affable towards them. Then I think they were just a little bit confused.”

As an awareness of helping out the homeless community, LAZLO are encouraging any potential donations towards Hull HARP; a local homeless charity providing food, clothing, and shelter to homeless people in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire, who hold 33 years of experience of working with homeless people.

If you wish to donate, you can do so via PayPal through the charity’s official website (here).