EP: Youth Man – Wax

Release Date: July 1st 2016
Label: Venn Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/youthmanband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/youthmanband


From the first seconds, when the EP opener ‘Sweet Apples’ kicks off with that fuzzed out guitar and a shriek, it’s rather clear that this will be a fun ride. With their nuclear energy, Birmingham trio Youth Man capture one’s attention and manage to keep it with their controlled chaos, dirty guitars, and lead singer Kaila Whyte screaming her guts out with a dedication of a true punk.

‘Sweet Apples’ is the kick in the face, but following track ‘Fat Dead Elvis’ brings in some lo-fi and noise rock influences, and we find out how Whyte‘s singing voice sounds – and it’s a pleasant discovery, even if we only get to enjoy it just for a little while. ‘Pigs’ might be one of the most disturbing song on this EP; its creepy lyrics seem to be custom made for some weird horror flick, and the hook “I’m hungry, will you feed me?” is just downright threatening.

‘Look/Wait’ is the only song that, although manages to keep the EP on track, doesn’t add too much to it and only helps as a build-up towards the killer ending, ‘Painted Blue’, which is as intense and wicked as it gets, leading the listener towards apocalypse with heavy riffs and increased dramatism, meanwhile proving again that this band is really capable of diversity.

‘Wax’ is an EP that comes with a bang and leaves with a bang, and in-between it sounds like it’s racing towards complete chaos and is about to fall apart. Yet, it never does, managing to balance on the edge. It’s chaotic, raw, and full of energy, just like any good punk record should be.

Written by Raimonda Mikelsone (@_raimondaaa)