EP: William Control – Revelations: The Black

Release Date: February 17th 2017
Label: Control Records
Website: www.williamcontrol.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/williamcontrolofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/williamcontrol


It would be foolish to expect any large differences between William Control‘s latest release and ‘The Pale’; they’re designed to be consistent. Spreading his fifth studio album, ‘Revelations’, over four EPs, William Control has presented its next instalment, ‘The Black’.

‘Analog Flesh In A Digital World’ opens ‘The Black’, and it’s hard to believe that William Control is only 35 years old. The gothic electronic-new romantic scene become popular in the 80s and seemed to die out quickly after. Still, whether William Control has gained his fans through his fame with Aiden or without them and independently, he certainly does have a following and proves that there’s still a demand for the genre.

If you didn’t already know that William Control and wiL Francis from Aiden were the same guy by now, the theme of flesh that occurs throughout the EP would make it fairly obvious. You can take the man out of the horror punk band, but you can’t take the horror punk out of the man, right?

Unfortunately, the theme gets a little tiring. It seems the horror is being forced in some areas and the lyrics are inconsequential. “All I need is flesh and blood I can crucify” is a lyric from the chorus of ‘All I Need’, and, although the hooks are strong throughout, the lyrics are meaningless and show little depth.

‘Velvet Rose’ closes the EP, and is a much welcomed change of pace from the driving disco drums and hard synths that would have been most common in the 80s.

‘The Revelation’ EPs feel like a natural progression from ‘The Neuromancer’, which was released in 2014. William Control continues to apply his strong songwriting skills to a genre that really shouldn’t exist anymore. It’s almost impressive, but not quite.

Written by Kat Haugh (@this_is_mouse)