EP: When Giants Collide – No One Is Safe

Release Date: February 27th, 2012
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/whengiantscollide
Twitter: www.twitter.com/wgcuk


When Giants Collide hail from Yorkshire, Leeds and Bradford specifically. Their debut EP, ‘No One Is Safe’, is a self-released effort from the British outfit. Is this heavy offering going to help in the reigniting of the UK metal scene in 2012, or will it just fall by the wayside alongside many of the other metal bands that have slowly just petered out of recent?

The melodic introduction to ‘Wastelands’ only half prepares the listener for what kicks in at around the forty second mark. Thundering drumming, down-tuned, head-nodding, toe-tapping picking that automatically turns the listener into one of those fools that believes they can play imaginary drums and some sort of air guitar.

The EP progresses in a similar fashion from start to finish; heavy, relentless and unforgiving on your lugholes. The production of the EP is also of a pretty awesome standard, the tracks run smoothly into each other from start to finish. It definitely also helps that When Giants Collide have a very defined sound in that nothing sounds confusing and/or ridiculously complex. ‘Balboa’ is the one that literally does smash you in the fucking head repeatedly.

The only criticism that can be had of this record is that on occasion the listener gets lost within the tracks, unable to tell one from the other. Admittedly, it was necessary for me to stop the record for a moment and check the iTunes playlist to make note of the track currently playing.

That said, ‘No One Is Safe’ is a record that is definitely worth your time, even if you only listen to it once. You need to be aware of this band and be aware that metal will be making a slow, sombre and heavy as fuck return to the UK scene over the next year, and with a bit of luck it will be a welcome change from the fad of hardcore that continues to sweep the land.

If you’re a fan of bands such as Texas In July and Parkway Drive, then check out When Giants Collide. Be assured, you will NOT be disappointed.

Written by Luke Davis