EP: We Are The In Crowd – Guaranteed To Disagree

Release Date: October 25th, 2010
Label: Hopeless Records
Website: www.wearetheincrowd.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/wearetheincrowd


Another pop-punk/pop-rock band with a female singer? Cue the automatic and often unjustified and hard to understand comparisons to Hayley Williams and Paramore that We Are The In Crowd are undoubtedly going to be receiving for a long time to come. Forget all of that for this review though, the only similarities here is the genre, the fact they have a female lead vocalist, and that ‘Guaranteed To Disagree’ is as hook filled as a box of fishing gear.

All 7 tracks on this debut EP are sugar-coated enough to almost put McDonalds to shame, and should carry a warning sticker of giving you cavities. Even your cavities will have cavities. Vocalist Tay Jardine sets the bar high with her insatiable vocals with opener ‘Carry Me Home’ and duelled up with guitarist Jordan Eckes vocals throughout makes for a great introduction to a pop-punk act who have the potential to make it.

You’ve got your cliché pop-punk song topic covered from start to finish: relationships. Just from a glance, titles like ‘Both Sides Of The Story’, ‘We Need A Break’ and ‘Never Be What You Want’ do more than assure this, and this is before even getting onto the lyrics. For the demographics the band are aiming at these are perfect topics to cover, and will undoubtedly be relatable to many teens and confused individuals going through hard times in their love life. In terms of the music, chorus hooks and easy on the ear female-to-male and back again vocals are the main forefront here, with a cheeky but usually appropriate cuss word chucked in here and there. It’s definitely Tay‘s contribution that makes this EP stand out regardless.

“Love songs designed for bobbing around and playing on repeat over the summer” must’ve been the mission statement in mind for ‘Guaranteed To Disagree’, and if that’s the case then We Are The In Crowd have succeeded with flying colours. Be warned though, after the first spin you might have this CD sitting in your stereo player for months at a time.

Written by Zach Redrup

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