EP: Violet – The Brightside

Release Date: April 16th, 2012
Label: Small Town Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/violetmusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/weare_violet


‘The Brightside’ is a fitting title for the new self-affirming and positive thinking nature EP from Derby based 7-piece, Violet. Yes, you read correctly, a 7-piece. Though it’s probably a pain having that many members in one band in terms of van space when on tour and arranging rehearsal sessions and such, what the post-hardcore outfit have created in this EP is a fantastic display of innovative post-hardcore with more layers to peel away listen after listen.

Their positive message fuelled release keeps to that it says on the tin from the first line of the EP’s opening title-track, with Johnny Nelson‘s slick clean “I always see past the negatives” leads us into Violet‘s 8-track debut. “I’ll never take what I’ve got for granted” and “So believe me when I say I’m gonna make it someday” are just two more of many lines scattered throughout the soaring opener, and is a great summary of what to expect throughout the remainder of ‘The Brightside’ EP.

Violet sound much like what you’d expect a British and instrumentally and little more simplified version of Dance Gavin Dance would be; Johnny Nelson and Charlie Bass bring the Jonny Craig and Jon Mess dual vocal front respectively, post-hardcore swagger and equally agressive yet catchy hooks throughout.

Admittedly, though great, the bonus closing three tracks of ‘Everyone Will Listen’, ‘Just Like Summer’ and ‘Away From Everything’ of older songs re-recorded are the weakest tracks on offer here, it’s a great insight into the band’s progression as musicians and as songwriters. Something that obviously works as a pro more than a con for the Derby grown septet.

Final song proper, ‘Seven For A Secret’, is the EP’s stand-out albeit predictable offering. Tackling the subject of a past unfaithful lover, it’s a track that holds emotion and relatability to all, because who doesn’t go through awful relationships? You can already foresee quotes “You don’t have to be a spy, to know what happened that night”, “I can barely feel you anymore / But I’m better that way for sure” and “You made your choice / Without thinking of the consequences” being lifted and used by the band’s more teen-aged fanbase on their social networks. It is however the tag-team ringing roars of “You’ll never be happy / Because he’ll never be me” from both Johnny and Charlie at the track’s closing moments that stays in your mind the longest.

Violet are set for great things, already tipped as favourites in the Red Bull Bedroom Jam contest. With that as a locomotive and this EP as fuel, the band are well on their way to becoming established names on the British rock circuit sooner rather than later.

Written by Zach Redrup