EP: Verses – No World For Us

Release Date: October 31st, 2011
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
MySpace: www.myspace.com/theverses


Brighton rockers Verses have done a fair bit of travelling since their last release, ‘Shield Your Eyes, See The Future’. Opening for Puddle Of Mudd Soil as well as WWE wrestler Chris Jericho‘s band, Fozzy, new EP ‘No World For Us’ keeps them firmly in the position of being one of the UK’s most promising unsigned rock bands.

This four track offering draws comparisons with bands such as Young Guns, Funeral For A Friend and a slight hint of Jimmy Eat World. This EP, while being no longer than fifteen minutes in length, packs a fairly impressive punch. ‘Push Back The Line’ is a very tight and catchy opener. Verses‘ unique sound is contained in their energetic guitar riffs, met by poignant vocals.

Verses hit all the right notes with ‘No World For Us’. One of the release’s stand-out track is definitely ‘Stand And Stare’, but the more up-tempo ‘The Only Way’ shows a completely different side to the band; much more punchy vocals and instrumentally heavier.

The EP ends with ‘Wait Forever’, carrying an intro reminiscent of Paramore‘s ‘Born For This’ and stands as pretty solid end to a neat EP. The one criticism of this release however, is that the energy builds gradually throughout, and the end doesn’t seem like a conclusion. However, if anyone is complaining about a performance not being long enough, that band has pretty much done their job. It will be pretty interesting to see what Verses release next, and with riffs that Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age frontman) would be proud of on the latter half of the EP, this sounds like the band have an exciting new edge.

This is far from the finished article from Verses, but they are slowly chipping away at being recognised in the UK music scene, and grabbing a strong new audience by supporting some very respectable metal bands.

Written by Gary Cassidy