EP: Veridian – 40826D

Release Date: May 12th 2017
Label: Primordial Records
Website: www.veridianuk.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/veridianuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/veridianuk


Reading’s Veridian are a new rock band to watch out for. Having recently been voted as ‘Artist of the Day’ by the Metro Newspaper, recognition of the band’s talent is increasing (and rightly so). With Don Broco and Lower Than Atlantis-esque vibes, the band are set to be popular in the rock charts, and have firmly found a footing in the genre with the release of their debut EP, ‘40826D’.

While the title of the EP may seem like a strange amalgamation of numbers and letters, it’s actually a hue of green, alongside the name Veridian itself. Though its title is unusual, ‘40826D’ has a familiar sound that encompasses modern rock. Each song has a common theme of an anthemic chorus intermixed with more mellow verses.

Backing vocals and harmonies are used tastefully, and help create the full sounding choruses, quite similar to how Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco manipulates his voice. These work well with the lyrics on opener ‘Headlights’, which tackles vices and debauchery, “wrong never felt so right”. The song has a defiant ending and wouldn’t be out of place as a James Bond soundtrack. It’s a commendable sound from such an up-and-coming band, and perhaps the reason for their early recognition.

A heavily reverbed guitar on the verses of ‘Follow’, more of a reflective song, and the brave use of octave shifter also on the guitar gives it a modern and fresh sound. This is also achieved through an electronic, heavily synthesised musical break.

‘So They Say’ is the most unique track on the EP, having a musical accompaniment that’s almost reminiscent of 90s Britpop. There’s also a well-fitting guitar solo towards the end of the song that seems to perfectly cut through the synthesisers that dominate the track.

Nonetheless, while the influences of Veridian are clear in their sound, ‘40826D’ also has some inspiring and innovative components.

Written by Annie Slinn (@annie7x)