EP: Various Artists – I Surrender Records Presents: Our Voices

Release Date: November 25th, 2013
Label: I Surrender Records
Website: www.isurrenderrecords.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/isurrenderrecords
Twitter: www.twitter.com/isurrender


In an effort to showcase solo songs from artists across their label, New York’s I Surrender Records have released a 4 track EP, fittingly titled ‘Our Voices’, which has a song from Anthony Raneri of Bayside, Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday, Chris Conley of Saves The Day and Vinnie Caruana of I Am The Avalanche.

The opening track, ‘Because It Works’ from Adam Lazzara, is an upbeat acoustic number which feels brilliantly stripped back and is greatly complimented by vocal harmonies and the hammering of a harmonica. After a few listens, you’ll certainly be singing that chorus line for a while and you genuinely couldn’t have had a more uplifting and positive start to the EP.

Anthony Raneri‘s track instantly strikes of old school pop or even folk, it’s playful in spirit and feels quite twee in its delivery. It doesn’t quite have the vigour of the opening track and, even though it’s shorter, it does lack the pure enjoyment of the opener. Chris Conley‘s song is different to the others in that it feels like something that fits in with the scene that all these bands are a part of. His voice sounds perfectly balanced over the top of subtle acoustic guitar lines and the song might even be the best one on the record.

The final song, ‘Sick Down To My Heart’, offers up angry lyrics mixed with a melancholic vibe which hints of irony and it’s a great ending to a tip top EP, proving that all these guys are exceptional solo artists alongside being fantastic in their respective groups. The only negative really is that there’s only four songs. After only twelve minutes worth of material, you’re craving some more. Let’s hope that I Surrender Records produce more of these special releases.

Written by Greg Spencer