EP: Turbogeist – Ancient Secrets

Release Date: March 11th, 2013
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.turbogeist.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/turbogeist
Twitter: www.twitter.com/turbogeist


London’s Turbogeist are lucky enough to have gained the publicity that they have landed themselves with, but is it fair to say that punk rock is heading in a new direction? Imagine early The Libertines or Babyshambles with the soul of punk, and then you’ve got yourself Turbogeist with their new EP, ‘Ancient Secrets’.

They bring the essence of old school punk with the vibe of British indie music together. Simply enough, they aren’t messing around, and with the influence of The Rolling Stones to look up to, Turbogeist have a lot of growing still to do.

‘Ancient Secrets’ is a fresh insight into how weird music can become, but positively. The son of Mick Jagger starting a band and releasing music; it’s nothing new in the music industry, but there is something unusual about Turbogeist. They have created an addiction and, dare I say it, they are very likeable.

Opener ‘Mermaid’s Revenge’ is quite unexpected, poppy in fact, but still providing the edge of punk. It’s like Babyshambles, but on the right drugs and pretty much sober. There’s no doubting that the music is enticing, and ‘Black Hole’ and ‘Upfront’ further justify the need to continue listening. The tracks are energetic, creating a vibe that has not yet been seen in the EP.

The latter of the two aforementioned tracks that changes the entire focus here. It brings a touch of very late 90s melodic sound something that adds a nice addition to the EP. However, it’s ‘Rats’ that is the real surprise, it blows you out of the water, focused and driven; a real hardcore rock song.

There’s something attractive about the EP. Perhaps it’s the link with The Rolling Stones, but then again, Turbogeist do put forward an intriguing EP. It’s a slap in the face that you receive with ‘Ancient Secrets’, you’re unaware and that’s where the obsession begins. It’s true that you need contacts to get anywhere in the industry now, but Turbogeist have set the bar high and their full-length album will have a long way to go.

Written by Yasmin La Ronde