EP: Trash Boat – Brainwork

Release Date: May 18th 2015
Label: Hopeless Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/trashboatuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/trashboatuk


Joining the likes of Milk Teeth, ROAM and Neck Deep in a recent string of UK bands to ink a deal with the mighty Hopeless Records, Trash Boat appear to have left their mark. Stealing Kerrang!‘s fresh blood award, the St. Albans mob have achieved all this within a year of their inception, and with just one self-release to their name.

Blending brisk percussive blasts, poppy hooks and a snotty punk-rock attitude, the band’s Hopeless debut, ‘Brainwork’, delivers as a promising preview of their genius. Spanning from the abruptly sweet ‘Taylor’ to the explosive crash of closer ‘Eleven’, Trash Boat provide an engaging 15 minutes of angst, regret and irresponsibility. ‘Brainwork’ follows just a year on from previous EP ‘Look Alive’ and is superior in almost every aspect, showcasing glossier production and deeper, more profound lyrics.

A trivial criticism is that the five-piece have done little to stray away from the typical pop-punk formula, as the EP bears a strong similarity to heavyweights The Story So Far and Neck Deep. Although Trash Boat may have done little to innovate, they succeed in injecting life into a now crowded genre, and provide five valuable additions to their flourishing catalogue.

Lead single ‘Perspective’ succeeds in packing some of the record’s strongest hooks, whilst being reinforced with the frantic percussive blasts of drummer, Oakley Moffatt. Keeping up the intensity is the relatable ‘As Seen Onscreen’, whose narrative is centered on refusing to take responsibility for your life and being forced to deal with the consequences.

Although ‘Brainwork’ may be a short lived affair that fails to stand Trash Boat out from the rapidly increasing crowd of pop-punk bands, it still delivers as joyous 15 minutes of material that will leave fans aching for the arrival their full-length debut.

Written by Kieran Harris