EP: Throats – Throats

Release Date: February 1st, 2010
Label: Holy Roar
Website: None available
MySpace: www.myspace.com/throatsofgold


Throats‘ latest self-titled EP is a difficult beast to judge. It does so much right in terms of angry, raging noise making and apparent teeth ripping brutality yet there is something a miss at the heart of all the commotion. The windmilling elephant in the room is Converge‘s ‘No Heroes’, an album which was surely a massive influence on this 17 minute six-track bombshell. Along with the frantic screams, flesh stripping beats and howling guitar reliefs, the doom laden, overhanging darkness that fills every facet of this release marks the EP as a child of its father.

‘Wake’ does exactly what its title suggest, lurching the EP into action from its lumbering comatose. It’s a lumbering but hammer fisted opener that wrenches open its eyes in wait for what’s to come. ‘My Hands Are Cold’ is sadly probably not what its predecessor was expecting. It’s a functional 1:40 of pacey ragecore, but if a little generic and overdone. Thankfully ‘Fuck Life’ is just around the corner to stab itself through your inner ear and grab its place at the head of the highlight reel. It’s a galloping, double barrelled round of fury and flair straight to face. ‘Failgiver’ is all about the bleak, wailing release of the guitar lead chorus.

‘Something Low This Way Comes’ feels rather limited and basic in comparison to its sibling tracks, like a more standard ABC hardcore take on the Throats approach. It’s a charging flurry of energy and fury that does the job it was built for well enough. Final track ‘Oaken/Wait’ lands with its bass line sounding like a blood haemorrhage and the intent to make you bleed just the same. It’s a gum rattling, vein stuttering race to the finish complete with its own fanfare and guttural guitar outro.

‘Throats’, the EP not the band, is a release that will keep the hype engines ticking over for now yet falling back on the over hashed generics of old isn’t worthy of such a bright spark of a band. Whilst ‘Fuck Life’ will most probably carry this EP on its own broad shoulders, we can only hope Throats pour that same level of ideas and commitment into their next CD as a whole rather than relying on such peaks. If they don’t, the machines could very well stall to a halt.

Written by Greg Johnson