EP: This Burning Age – Devotion

Release Date: July 28th, 2014
Label: 5th Day Records
Website: www.thisburningage.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thisburningage
Twitter: www.twitter.com/thisburningage


This Burning Age are back on the scene and have brought the second helping of their four part saga along with them. Think of what they’re trying to do as a spread-the-cost album whereas by buying three tracks at a time for less than the price of a pint you’re way more likely to actually buy their records. But, it’s not just the price that should motivate you to dip into your PayPal account, their music alone will do that for you.

The Birmingham four-piece have well and truly found their stride with ‘Devotion’ (EP #2) and fine-tuned their 80s inspired industrial sound perfectly. The dark brooding themes of their lyrics are better conveyed than the first time around, plus they’re more confident in exploring their own sound rather than imitating those of their influences. You can tell, however, that frontman Friday is still yearning for the by-gone era of the 80s with tracks like ‘Hollow’, which has the classic subdued electronic ballad-esque atmosphere of Depeche Mode.

But, it’s not just all synths and drum loops, as EP opener ‘There Is No Hope Except For That Which You Gave Me’ proves, offering a bold yet simple track. Even though if it does repeat the title of the song a couple of thousand times, it sticks the landing and delivers a strong, catchy chorus which would really stand its ground in a live show.

It seems that serving number two of This Burning Age goes down a hell of a lot smoother than the first. They have very much hit the ground running with this EP, leading you to wonder if they can top it with release number three. It will be tricky, but they just might do it.

Written by Andy Roberts