EP: There For Tomorrow – Re:Creations

Release Date: October 19th, 2010
Label: Hopeless Records
Website: www.therefortomorrow.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/therefortomorrow


One of America’s newest rising ‘poster boy’ pop-rock bands There For Tomorrow have began gaining some credible success and spotlight since the release of their second album ‘A Little Faster’ last year. And what better way to juice out as much of the album’s possible achievements than by releasing an EP featuring remixes from tracks off said album? Ker-ching!

Though there’s nothing wrong with creating and releasing remix albums off the back of another album or series of a band’s releases, often made to show a completely different spin and perspective on a series of songs, they often fall flat from providing intruiging and exciting remixes that bring a whole new identity whilst still remaining true and dedicated to the original. This is a problem that hinders ‘Re:Creations’ like many other projects doing the same thing. Though new track ‘Small World’ keeps on with the guilty pleasure factor present throughout the full-length, the remaining remixes are all a bit flat and weak. The flavour-of-week dubstep genre rears its popular head in ‘Re:Stories’ aswell as ‘Re:Burn’, and doesn’t blend together with the song’s original composition to accredit it as a worthwhile creation.

Sometimes it’s just best to leave some songs alone, and not recreate them from their already solid states. It rarely pays off, matches up or even surpasses their intended final outcomes. This time unfortunately, TFT get the worse side of the deal. Pity.

Written by Zach Redrup