EP: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Et Tu, Brute?

Release Date: March 15th, 2013
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.redjumpsuit.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/redjumpsuitapparatus
Twitter: www.twitter.com/redjumpsuit


About seven or eight years ago, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus were a staple band in the emo/pop-punk scene. Perhaps they weren’t a household name like My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy, but they were definitely well know amongst the young folk. The best part of a decade has now come and gone, leaving the emo scene behind with it. Some bands had to evolve with the forever changing scene in order to survive, MCR became more pop-punky and 30 Seconds To Mars went all Angels & Airwaves on us. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are still alive in this dying scene and are still going strong, having only had to change their sound a little bit too.

Their latest EP, ‘Et Tu, Brute?’ (referring, of course, to Shakespeare’s famous play, The Empire Strikes Back) leans more towards their pop-punk sound, with six songs of bouncy riffs and catchy choruses. The lyrics aren’t as melancholic as their earlier stuff, showing us a more mature and well rounded RJA. Take, for example, track number three on the record, ‘Cards’. It’s such a well crafted song, with excellent guitaring from Josh Burke and Randy Winter, along with a superb vocal performance from Ronnie Winter.

Like most EPs, there’s a little bit of everything on here. You have the heavier and more ballsy songs like ‘You Can’t Trust Anyone These Days’, the softer and more mellow numbers such as ‘Chariot’ and then the crowd pleasers, like the aforementioned ‘Cards’.

All in all, ‘Et Tu, Brute?’ is a fantastic little EP that’s not only a true testament to how bloody good RJA are as musicians, but also that they’re still capable of making awesome music. Even if you weren’t really a fan of the whole emo thing (I wasn’t really), this EP is still thoroughly enjoyable and well worth giving a listen.

Written by Andy Roberts