EP: The NX – Night Heaver

Release Date: February 23rd 2015
Label: Footloose Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thenxofficial
Twitter: None available


Hailing from the North of England, metalcore quartet The NX have steadily grown the past couple of years with tours supporting Hacktivist, Funeral For A Friend and The Blackout, and hard-hitting EP ‘Night Heaver’ shows the world exactly what they’re made of.

Opening track, ‘Lonnie Johnson’s Greatest Hit’, may be an interesting name for a song, but it hits hard with a ferocious sound and angry vocals from vocalist Warby Warburton that wouldn’t sound too out of place in Architects or Every Time I Die.

The EP keeps up the pace and the anger with ‘The Great Unwashed’, with speedy drum fills a fast-paced breakdown towards the end, and a chorus that the whole crowd can join in chanting. ‘The Day It Rained Forever’ shows off the band’s technicality as the riffs slightly change tempo across the song, while it finishes with just Warburton‘s vocals as he shows off his impressive range.

‘Night Heaver’ is a great debut EP with a angry outburst of noise, showing the upstarting band have huge potential, and who may just be the next big thing. The NX are definitely ones you need to watch.

Written by Rhys Hawke