EP: The Moth & The Flame – &

Release Date: December 16th, 2013
Label: Hidden Records
Website: www.tmtfmusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/themothandtheflame
Twitter: www.twitter.com/themoththeflame


Utah based three-piece The Moth & The Flame bring us their latest EP, ‘&’, before their second full-length record gets released later in 2014. This release, however, is one which grooves and glides along in such a slick way that, although it’s enjoyable, it feels like something is amiss. It’s an EP lacking any soul.

The first two tracks, ‘Sorry’ and ‘Winsome’, pretty much blend into one, a souffl√© of bland indie rock which doesn’t really get any emotion from you whatsoever. It leaves you quite cold actually. Sure, the music feels like it could be used on any high street clothing brand TV advert, this band seem to have perfected the modestly feel good vibe, but as for any real connection to the music, it just isn’t there and you’ll more than likely be bored by this stuff.

The most nauseating aspect of this release is the vocals; Brandon Robbins seems to be sleepwalking through this entire EP, and subsequently we’re just sleeping. There’s a track called ‘Monster’, which could surely be used in better ways than on record, maybe as some sort of audio torture tool in Guantanamo Bay perhaps? It really is boring, dull and any other adjective you could describe this somnolent set of songs, and writing about it is almost as difficult as listening to it.

‘Holy War’ feels more vocal, at least (hurrah), but even that just dies a slow death after it just drags on and on repeating the same line. Nothing here feels pompous either, at least when say Muse do something pretentious you can slate them for that, but here this stuff all just feels so incidental and as if the band don’t really care about this stuff. Luckily enough, neither will the majority who listen to this.

Written by Greg Spencer

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