EP: The Eyes Of A Traitor – The Disease

Release Date: September 16th, 2011
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.theeyesofatraitor.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/eyesofatraitor


I have a very low threshold for four track EPs, I mean seriously, what is the point? Sure, they can have benefits to smaller bands that are just finding their feet, but for more established bands (and by now I would say that The Eyes Of A Traitor are well established within the UK hardcore scene), they seem like nothing more than a waste of time, a stopgap to keep their fans happy rather than writing because they want to, and usually (let’s be honest) they’re not very good. However, for ‘The Disease’ I make a clear exception. When you give it a listen, it’s clear that it is so much more than your standard four track EP. Packed inside are four gems of technical, powerful and brutal brilliance. It’s no wonder it’s only four tracks long, if it were any longer your eargasm (yes that is a real word) may kill you.

The band effortlessly combine technical riffs, melodic sensibilities, powerful (and not at all forced) breakdowns with raw grit and energy. On opener ‘Disease’ they even include elements of dubstep, which somehow just fits perfectly into the mix without seeming at all misplaced. There’s a fantastic moment when vocalist Jack Delany sounds like he is going to explode screaming “All I wanted was some fucking help you fucking cunts”, never has profanity sounded so beautiful. The band waste no time rattling into the ferociously heavy ‘Into Dust’, a track on which bassist Jack Moulsdale really excels as he churns out one bowel releasing bass drop after another. Every song here is as heavy as the next, as the terrifying ‘Searching For Solace’ provides the listener with a genuinely bone jarring experience. And, as the lead heavy, dirty riff to closer ‘Thursday’ kicks in, it#s clear that the band are not going to let up even on the final track.

As far as the tracks on the EP go, I have nothing left to say; short and sweet but that’s just what this EP is. It’s short but to the point, it’s fucking ferocious. When they tour with Martyr Defiled in September I actually genuinely fear that someone may be killed. This is a devastating EP, and if you don’t go and check it out, well then there may just be something wrong with you.

Written by Oliver Thompson