EP: The Chapman Family – Cruel Britannia

Release Date: June 18th, 2012
Label: Best Before Records
Website: www.thechapmanfamilyisnotacult.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thechapmanfamily
Twitter: www.twitter.com/chapmanfamily


After undergoing a number of changes since their last release, The Chapman Family have released their new EP ‘Cruel Brittania’, with only two of their original members remaining. The EP’s central idea revolves around the English way of living, echoing a political but melodic sound through the new five songs. Even the song titles call out the British culture, not to mention the EP’s title.

Each of the songs has a special unique feel and a mantra like chorus. It’s evident the band, based in North East England, have managed to pull inspiration from iconic characters within the British Rock industry, such as from Sex Pistols, portraying an anti-government feel in an effort to show the darker side to the English life.

Although the songs on the EP are quite long and repetitive, none of the songs sound too similar, making it an easy CD to listen to and not get bored of, despite the almost melancholic feel which has managed to weave itself through the five tracks.

The Chapman Family have managed to get a real brutally honest opinion of British life across without sounding like an old punk cover band and have strayed away from the ‘best of British’ feel which seems to be drawn from bands like Arctic Monkeys. The highlight of this right in the centre of it all, ‘English Life’. However, the other songs each have their special flairs about them.

Overall, The Chapman Family have pushed their boundaries from their debut album ‘Burn Your Town’ and have kept their originality, despite pulling inspiration from the punk era. The band are proving to everyone with ‘Cruel Brittania’ that punk isn’t dead and that people can still voice their opinions in a brilliant and individual way. An overall success for the bandP.

Written by Caitlyn Dewar