EP: The Catharsis – God Damned

Release Date: July 11th, 2011
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.thecatharsishxc.tumblr.com
MySpace: None available


The Catharsis are a band that should definitely not be messed with, and are a forced to be reckoned with. Latest EP ‘God Damned’ blasts its way into our little eardrums with an incredible vibe of energy and power. This is one EP that should hopefully put the band on the map.

Opener ‘Deletist’ kicks itself with a very raw and in-your-face introduction. The song can come across as a bit jumbled but it’s perfectly put together at the same time. The song has a good riff to follow and some quality drumming to go along with it. Excluding the instruments, the screams given are brutal and well executed. It’s safe to say that The Catharsis have a lot of potential that we’ve already seen them tap into. The song manages to keep up a constant high level of energy and doesn’t lose interest. ‘Deletist’ is the perfect opener the EP needed.

Songs like ‘Party Scars’ open merely with vocals to set up a bit of slower pace to start things off, showing a brief form of experimentation with their genre and how to approach it. The song is also quite anthem-ish, with its screamed out chorus “we’re not the same”. The song has a more collective approach as well; it doesn’t seem as hectic as other songs. Despite their typical structure, they don’t fail to deliver that explosive amount of energy.

‘-+’ is a good song in showing just what they’re capable of. The drum solo intro shows just how good they are at doing what they do; this is then further supported by the use of intricate and irregular riffs. ‘-+’ provides a song that you can just go mental to; if you create a mental image to this song, it’d most likely be of a riot or something equally as mental and violent. The vocals of this song can also be compared to that of Oli Sykes‘ from Bring Me The Horizon. The repeated lyrics “never again” provides a forceful way to end the song and prepares us for the next.

The closing track ‘Colder opens up with quite an abstract riff; a similar style to that of bands like the now defunct The Fall Of Troy. The song has a fast tempo which seems to get progressively faster and heavier. This song is a good close for the album, maintaining still as crazy as some of the previous songs yet a bit more organised.

When I listen to this band, the first things I think of are bands like Gallows, but with a strange mix of others; (as previously mentioned.) This EP should come with an eargasm warning; if you’re a fan of the genre then you should definitely check it out.

Written by Matthew Collins