EP: Sworn To Oath – Leave You For Dead

Release Date: November 7th, 2011
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sworntooath


Sworn To Oath, hailing from the Midlands, are the sort of band that you’ll listen to and will have a hard time recalling what they’re like shortly after. In fact, they play a Buckcherry style of hard rock, albeit one that has been done lots of times before. Second EP, ‘Leave You For Dead’, is another 15 minute glimpse into their sound, but one that is surely meant as a teaser to their live show rather than something to launch the band into the creative spotlight.

The riffs are basic, the vocals are fairly generic for this sort of sound and it’s all very by the books. It is however, acceptable to play this way in a genre that goes down well at bars and at house parties as a soundtrack to boozing. ‘Last Call’, the main song of the EP, features a simple riff that melds into a fairly shrugworthy chorus, but I’m sure many felt the same about songs penned by Shinedown or Seether when they came out, and look at how successful they are now. The cringeworthily named ‘(Everything) Reminds Me Of You’ paws at your eardrums rather than pounding them, and meanders through until petering out like the last drunk guy at a bar.

‘False Promise’ sounds like Papa Roach with a little more beef, but the lyrics of “This is a motherfuckin’ trainwreck” are surely overused by now and, again, don’t really excite the listener much. Final track ‘Leave You For Dead’ provides the first piece of real oomph with the closing scream, but the song is another one for live scene really and sounds pretty uninspired on CD.

These four songs will almost certainly pack more power when they’re belted out on STO‘s UK tour promoting the release, and I’d pretty confidently say that they’ll give you a damn good night out mixed in with a bit of the ol’ Jägermeister (and, of course, other delicious beverages).

Written by Martin Savage