EP: Surrender The Coast – Lost Souls

Release Date: February 22nd 2015
Label: Redfield Digital
Website: www.surrenderthecoast.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/surrenderthecoast
Twitter: www.twitter.com/surrendertcoast


Surrender The Coast‘s new EP, titled ‘Lost Souls’, starts off in the same way that it finishes. Fast and furious from the outset, this release really gets the listener on their toes. This four-piece from Leicester certainly know what they want from their music, with an intense pace with the vocals to match. However, can ‘Lost Souls’ stand out from the vast crowd of hardcore rock that is flooding the airwaves at the moment?

It’s quite a large EP, comprising of 8 songs. A variance in the music comes within a couple of tunes, probably to give the guys a well earned rest during their live blasts. Each song on ‘Lost Souls’ has its place, and it seems like it’s well thought out. Songs such as ‘Thrones’, ‘Dreamcatcher’ and ‘A Blissful Ignorance’ sit nicely in the middle of the pack, each offering a variation in pace, direction with melodic undertones. A lot of EPs fall at the weigh side during the filler tracks, however, this keeps the listener hanging on for more.

The one little gripe with this mini-album is that a couple of the tracks should be renamed ‘filler’, that’s the only negative comment that can be given. A 5/6 song EP would give the potency that was intended.

As the cliché goes though, ‘Lost Souls’ is a grower and not a shower. The subtleties of each song shines through with such a finesse and, yes, a token oxymoron for good measure. Surrender The Coast will be looking to build on the impending success of ‘Lost Souls’, although with an EP with 8 songs, the expectation of a 20 track album must be on the horizon.

Written by Tom Griffiths (@tjgriff88)