EP: Surrender The Coast – Breaking Morals & Losing Morale

Release Date: February 3rd, 2012
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/surrenderthecoast
Twitter: www.twitter.com/surrenderthecoast


Leicester’s Surrender The Coast play modern hardcore. Their sound isn’t anything groundbreaking, sounding much like Gallows or ‘The Here And Now’ era Architects. They also fall into the unfortunate category of ‘verb the noun’ type names that have cast a wave of turds over original band names in the 21st century. These facts, however, do not mean that they should just be swept under the carpet like so much cat faeces. They have promise, albeit built over a very familiar sound.

Their second EP, following 2010’s ‘Avert Your Eyes’, clocks in at just over a quarter of an hour and five tracks, just enough to keep themselves on the radar but not really enough for them to break through into the spotlight. The title-track has had a video filmed; a pretty uninspiring performance piece that is unfortunately synced to the track proper. The song itself isn’t all bad, but the best song on the EP is ‘Well, In Hindsight…’. It uses some pleasing guitar layering with a meaty breakdown to sound like a lighter Parkway Drive.

The other songs here aren’t really anything special unfortunately. They all use well worn out riffs and follow an obvious pattern that fails to set them above the standard that you need to be original in this genre. They could easily slot into a post-hardcore playlist with the likes of Yashin and Dancing With The Enemy however, and that appears to be where they’re aiming for in terms of support for gigs too.

Surrender The Coast aren’t gonna reinvent the wheel, but with enough luck and hard work they may well find themselves moving steadily up support bills and turning a few heads in the scene.

Written by Martin Savage