EP: Suburban Legends – Dreams Aren’t Real But These Songs Are

Release Date: May 26th, 2014
Label: Rock Ridge Music
Website: www.suburbanlegends.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/suburbanlegends
Twitter: www.twitter.com/suburbanlegends


Orange County’s seven-headed brass monster, Suburban Legends, started off playing shows at Downtown Disney in California and have let that all that child-like wonder and optimism bleed into their live shows which are full of onstage antics and flawlessly executed bouncy, brappy songs. Over the years, they’ve even thrown in some spectacular ska covers of famous Disney numbers. Finally, after many years in the waiting, the septet have released a full EP, consisting entirely of Disney covers.

As predicted, the ‘Dreams Aren’t Real But These Songs Are’ EP is simply fantastic. All six songs are played to perfection with awesome guitar solos, playful brass tones and bold, animated vocals that maintain the ridiculously high standards of past Suburban Legends releases. Having played over 1000 shows back at the Disney theme parks, the seven-piece have soaked up the personality of each one of the songs they cover and let it shine through their performances.

However, their song choices can be questioned. For example, their cover of ‘Colours Of The Wind’ is good, but doesn’t really capture the power of the original song, nor does it really fit their ska punk sound. Perhaps they could’ve chosen some more well-known and upbeat Disney songs, like Jungle Book’s ‘I Wanna Be Like You’, but this could purely be an issue of song-licencing or the band’s personal preference. Either way, it’s not a big deal as the other five songs included are so vivacious and happy that it’s simply impossible not to sing along to every word, especially during ‘You Got A Friend In Me’.

In short, ‘Dreams Aren’t Real But These Songs Are’ is an excellent collection of ska punk Disney covers. What’s not to like about that? All you fans of ska punk and/or the soundtracks to Disney classics, give this output a listen and sing your heart out. It’s the perfect EP for the summer, and you know it.

Written by Andy Roberts