EP: Stone Sour – Meanwhile In Burbank…

Release Date: April 18th 2015
Label: Roadrunner Records
Website: www.stonesour.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/stonesour
Twitter: www.twitter.com/stonesour


Oh, man. Stone Sour are doing an EP trilogy?! This is going to be awesome! I mean, just look at their phenomenal double concept album, ‘House Of Gold & Bones’. Both parts of the records were a masterpiece and a defining moment in Stone Sour‘s career, demonstrating their formidable talent as both musicians and artists. Now, considering that EPs need only be a handful of songs, Stone Sour have more than enough time to really focus and fine tune each of these songs to unbridled perfection. Oh, wait, they’re just gonna be a bunch of cover EPs?

Yes, it seems that Stone Sour are taking it easy for a little while with a bunch of covers from bands of yesteryear. I guess you can’t blame them really. Concept albums are a colossal creativity strain, and in comparison covers don’t usually require too much work. Plus, it’s out just in time for Record Label Day, the most rampant commercialised day for music other than the Christmas charts.

Just like the EP, this review is pretty much redundant. You know that the songs are good because they’re from Alice In Chains, Judas Priest, Kiss, Metallica, and Black Sabbath. And, you know that Stone Sour are more than capable of doing the covers justice, because they’ve had like five stellar albums out now. Basically, it just boils down to this:

‘We Die Young’ by Alice In ChainsStone Sour just grungify their sound by like 20%.
‘Heading Out To The Highway’ by Judas Priest – Near identical to the original, only with a tad more distortion and Corey Taylor singing instead of Rob “leather loving” Halford.
‘Love Gun’ by Kiss – It’s. Just. The. Fucking. Same.
‘Creeping Death’ by Metallica – No difference, and still soul crushingly boring due to incessant guitar wankery, and an offensively long, seemingly endless, track length.
‘Children Of The Grave’ by Black Sabbath – A refreshingly bold and innovative take on this classic metal anthem. Nah, just kidding, it’s more of the exact fucking same.

Look, I get that these songs influenced the band, and it’s touching that Stone Sour wish to pay tribute to that, but doing a carbon copy cover of the original is not the way to go about it.

Call me cynical, but this EP is nothing more than a soulless cash grab. Come on, it’s released on Record Store Day and it doesn’t contain a single original track. ‘Meanwhile In Burbank’? More like ‘Meanwhile In The Bank…’.

Written by Andy Roberts (@Sassensquatch)