EP: Spirytus – The Fundamentals

Release Date: January 13th, 2014
Label: GMI Management
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/spirytusband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/spirytusband


They call it aggressive funk/groove metal, but I call it nu-metal. Now, before you judge Spirytus for being nu-metal, please, listen to title-track ‘Fundamentals’ (here). For the best possible listening experience, make sure you’re sitting down with the speakers turned up to a volume that will makes your ears bleed, as this is a song that needs to be heard at call-the-cops level of loud.

Listened to it yet? Good. As you can hear, this track is completely in-fucking-sane and ballsier than a 4000ft bull. Neck-breaking riffs, funky-as-fuck bass lines and party lyrics, what more could you want?! The band’s new ‘The Fundamentals’ EP is chocked full of merciless anthems like this one, and fuck me does it make an astounding listen.

A more accurate/professional description of Spirytus would read something like “they are a mix between Five Finger Death Punch and Sevendust, with the upbeat attitude of Limp Bizkit and a bit of early Linkin Park thrown into the mix for good measure”. But, since I’m in a state of shock/nostalgia, I’m merely going to describe them as: fucking awesome.

The only issue, on an otherwise near flawless EP, is the fact that these guys can’t seem to finish a song. Most of the tracks on ‘The Fundamentals’ just fade out to nothing and all that furious momentum is lost. Perhaps this is for the best, as if they let the momentum build it could easily kill a man.

‘The Fundamentals’ is an outstanding debut release from this promising five-piece, and one that they should be proud of. With a sound this ferocious and infectious, I can see many festival appearances ahead for Spirytus. My only hope is that they’re as good live as they are on record, though I’ve no doubt they will be.

Written by Andy Roberts