EP: Seagraves – Weight Of The World

Release Date: February 24th, 2013
Label: Witch Hunter Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/seagravesuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/seagravesuk


Despite only forming a year ago, Leeds hardcore bunch Seagraves have wasted no time. ‘Weight Of The World’ is the band’s debut EP and, despite being a rather short lived effort, it shows that the Yorkshire outfit have a lot of talent and are certainly an up-and-coming band to watch out for.

Although ‘Weight Of The World’ is classed as a hardcore release, what immediately stands out is that there’s definitely some underlying basic punk rock influence throughout each of their songs, which makes them fall perfectly in the middle of being too soft or too hard and heavy. If listeners aren’t particularly interested in hardcore music, Seagraves have found a way to integrate something for people to like who perhaps would not have listened to them before.

What’s really fantastic about the EP is the amount of energy in it; every riff, drum beat and word is exhilarating and the EP doesn’t have any hugely significant low points or points at which the listener could become disinterested. Like a rollercoaster, the EP has a lot of twists and different parts and each song is easily deciphered from the others, which is sometimes difficult to pull off in hardcore music.

The highlight of the album is definitely middle song and the song that the EP is named after, ‘Weight Of The World’. The song has an infectiously memorable tune, which works perfectly with vocalists Neil Wright and Jonathan Kirk‘s voices. Although it’s the shortest track on offer here, it’s by far the strongest.

It’s easy to see already just from the efforts of this EP that Seagraves have a lot more to offer in the future and this is just a taster of what’s still yet to come. If they keep up in the direction that they’re heading in now, they can extend their fanbase and probably fill in a number of slots at hardcore festivals. Seagraves are a band to watch out for in 2013.

Written by Caitlyn Dewar