EP: Seafoal – Xeraclius

Release Date: April 7th 2017
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/seafoal
Twitter: www.twitter.com/seafoal


Preston based singer/songwriter Seafoal is steadily making a name for themselves. Sweeney identifies as non-binary with regards to gender, and has been quite vocal about that fact on social media, and is determined to educate as many as possible on this topic that’s steadily gaining more coverage, yet sadly not always in the most informed manner.

Alongside this, Sweeney is creating some outstanding music under the Seafoal moniker, which seems to be stepping away from the acoustic-pop leanings of 2014’s ‘Lucid Living’ and creeping towards the darker side of the pop-rock spectrum with fresh offering, ‘Xeraclius’.

Opening the EP is almost instrumental number ‘Submerged’, setting the tone for the record by creating a dark, ethereal atmosphere for the next 17 minutes to traverse. This track leads nicely into ‘Fiends’, where Seafoal gets to flex some vocal muscles and introduce the Tove Lo-esque style of music, but not such a powerful approach. They utilise the darkness with quiet, well enunciated whispers creeping into the back of your mind to drive home this ghost-like, haunting approach to music

EP highlight and single ‘Chess’ sees Sweeney bursting with a defiantly confident attitude across the whole song, which really makes it stand out and hopefully shows the direction that they’ll be heading in from here on out, knowing who they want to be regardless of how others feel about it. This is the strength that shines through on this track and makes it a great song.

Closer ‘Samara’ sees Sweeney push their vocals further than before on an impressive, heartfelt track yet keeping in with the environment of the EP and rounding it off successfully. As much as Seafoal has been making waves with their presence on social media, records of this calibre will ensure this happens through their music as well. ‘Xeraclius’ is a solid effort.

Written by Jon Barlow (@Narlow1)