EP: ROAM – Viewpoint

Release Date: January 27th 2015
Label: Hopeless Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/roamuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/roamse


Despite being from the lovely seaside town of Eastbourne, ROAM have all the trademark traits of a glorious sun-kissed Californian pop-punk outfit. On the band’s new EP, ‘Viewpoint’, lead vocalist Alex Costello belts out each song with the typical nasally, US twang that you hear from every other pop-punk band, singing “moine” instead of “mine”, and “soide” instead of “side”. You get the jist.

Their music is incredibly generic and near identical to any other pop-punk band from the last fifteen years. That said, ROAM are really a significant cut above the rest talented wise, and approach the genre with so much more than just the standard three chords and a thrash of cymbals.

With delicious layers of convoluted guitar riffs over and an impressive rhythm section, ROAM are towards the better end of the pop-punk spectrum. Now that they have their base sound sorted, all they need to do is come up with something original and they will be an unstoppable 5-man machine on a skateboard. But hey, they’ve only been around two years and, after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Sounding like a combination of Yellowcard and New Found Glory, ROAM are the ideal band for any fan of pop-punk, just don’t expect anything ground-breakingly original. Have a listen to ‘Over Your Head’ with its catchy chorus and ballsy breakdown, which is easily one of the better tracks on this EP.

ROAM have the adolescent charm and upbeat, bouncy songs you need to make it through these winter months, so make sure you check out these cheeky chappies.

Written by Andy Roberts (@sassensquatch)

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