EP REVIEW: Yungblud – The Underrated Youth

Release Date: October 18th 2019
Label: Locomotion Recordings/Geffen Records
Website: www.yungbludofficial.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/yungblud
Twitter: www.twitter.com/yungblud


Since releasing his debut album ’21st Century Liability’ last year, Yungblud (aka Dominic Harrison) has gone from strength-to-strength, becoming a role model and somewhat of a spokesperson for the younger generation, and bagging himself a loyal fanbase along the way.

Although a follow-up album is still in the works, this hasn’t stopped him releasing ‘The Underrated Youth’ EP, an 18-minute offering that runs alongside his recently released graphic novel, ‘Twisted Tales Of The Ritalin Club’.

Opener ‘Braindead!’ starts as you would fully expect. Its brash, distorted guitars are both confusing and alluring as to what to expect from this six-track record. His distinctive Yorkshire accent gives this song nostalgic vibes of early Artic Monkeys combined with a The Sex Pistols punk rock influence.

This transitions into ‘Parents’. Upon first listen, it’s easy to mistake this as an anti-authority track, unscathed by risqué lyrics such as “My daddy put a gun to my head / Said if you kiss a boy, I’m gonna shoot you dead”. However, the true crux of the story surrounds individualism and how other peoples’ opinions, no matter from what generation, aren’t always going to agree with yours and you should embrace who you are. The lyrics may be graphic, and musically it’s quite poppy, but it’s an attribute to the clever songwriting that Yungblud possesses.

Coming in as a complete surprise is ‘Waiting For The Weekend’, a stripped back acoustic track which until now is a side of Yungblud that has never been shown. It showcases his talent beautifully, and is worlds away from the eccentric aesthetic normally associated with his music. It feels like a kind of secret song, unveiling a much more delicate side to his personality, and is a very welcomed addition.

Although a short but sweet release, ‘The Underrated Youth’ is the perfect burst of fresh music for fans and lays the groundwork perfectly for whatever musical creation Yungblud has in store for us next.