EP REVIEW: Yumi And The Weather – Some Days

Release Date: December 4th 2020
Label: Small Pond Recordings
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/yumiandtheweather
Twitter: www.twitter.com/_yatw


Yumi And The Weather, the project of musician and producer Ruby Taylor, isn’t afraid to experiment. Despite already releasing her debut full-length album back in 2018, with another one currently in the works, her ‘Some Days’ EP sees the multi-instrumentalist explore a wealth of new sounds and genres.

Yumi And The Weather welcome us with opening track, ‘No More’. Fusing electronic effects and sci-fi influences together with easy listening synth-pop and Debbie Harry-style vocals results in the track inexplicably sounding both futuristic and like something straight out of the 1980s. It’s a little confusing at first, but, somehow, it works. The two worlds collide together beautifully to create a refreshing and experimental take on indie-pop.

After listening to the first couple of tracks on ‘Some Days’, it’s clear that trying to predict where the record will take you next is simply not an option. ‘The More I Hear The Less I Believe’ is a sunny, upbeat pop-rock number with an infectious melody, a stark but enjoyable contrast to the cool, atmospheric opener. On the other hand, ‘Just This One Thing’ is almost retro in its style, sounding like something you might hear in a ’50s high school dance scene from movies such as Grease or Back To The Future, while ‘I Will Never Know’ is clean, fresh, and modern.

Unpredictable in the best possible way, Yumi And The Weather showcases herself spectacularly with ‘Some Days’. Each track is different and unique in its own way, yet still with the same atmospheric tone laced throughout the EP to give listeners the cohesiveness that pop music craves.

However, in choosing to explore something different in each track, it keeps us from really being able to sink our teeth into Yumi And The Weather. As an artist, she feels distanced and it’ll likely take another album release before people are allowed to really see behind the mask, if that’s what Yumi And The Weather wants, of course.