EP REVIEW: Yours Truly – Afterglow

Release Date: April 12th 2019
Label: UNFD
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/yourstrulypoppunk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/yourstruly_band


There’s no hiding the fact that Australia has had its fair share of successful in pop-rock/pop-punk lately, namely with Trophy Eyes, Tonight Alive, Stand Atlantic, and 5 Seconds Of Summer all breaking out to international audiences in the last few years.

It seems the flow of talent has far from dried out, at least off the back of ‘Afterglow’, the new EP from Sydney based outfit Yours Truly that could easily become part of your summer soundtrack this year.

Fresh from being signed to record label UNFD, the quartet haven’t messed about in producing a killer debut to mark this new venture. Opening track ‘Circles’ is an upbeat affair, packed with infectious lyrics that shape the way for the rest of the release.

‘Afterglow’ reflects the obvious talent that this Aussie quartet have to offer, so it’s no surprise that they’ve taken it one step further and thrown in an impressive duet in there too.

‘Delusional Paradise’ features an appearance from Jake Wilson (Between Me & You), and is a song in which Yours Truly steer clear of the clich√© acoustic duet that we’ve come to expect from the genre when such an opportunity presents itself, instead delivering a loud and gritty number. Their voices work incredibly together, and it’s refreshing to hear what would be the obvious choice for a ballad instead be flipped around.

All too often when presented with a female pop-punk vocalist people are quick to point comparisons to Hayley Williams of Paramore, but Mikaila Delgado unquestionably holds her own with her feisty vocals, and ‘High Hopes’ gives a real depth to her performance, showcasing a more vulnerable side and lyrics that will be relatable to many.

The only real downside to this EP is the fact it will leave you wanting more. ‘Afterglow’ is short and sweet at only five tracks, but if this sample is anything to go by, Yours Truly are undeniably on the brink of the breakout that they deserve.