EP REVIEW: Young Culture – Godspeed

Release Date: July 30th 2021
Label: Equal Vision Records/Rude Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/youngcultureny
Twitter: www.twitter.com/youngcultureny


At first glance, New York trio Young Culture may just seem like yet another band on the way to being among the next generation of pop-punk royalty. However, while they do play pop-punk, they’re also actively pushing the boundaries of the genre, even releasing a hip-hop style mixtape under the name YC.

After releasing their self-titled debut studio album last year, they’re back with their new EP, ‘Godspeed’, which was co-produced by none other than State Champs frontman, Derek Discanio.

The opening title-track is a pop-heavy road-trip love song, bordering on being cheesy while still sounding completely sincere. The lyrics are sweet, but not to the point where they just become completely saccharine, exemplified by the final line of the chorus, “It doesn’t matter where we go / As long as you are mine”. ‘Hum’ is an equally catchy love song with equally sweet lyrics, and ‘Shiver’ has a chorus that will undoubtedly stuck in your head for weeks after your first listen.

The EP does hit a weak spot with ‘Simplemindedteens’, which almost completely changes the tone of the EP to sound more like early era Busted or McFly, with an ear worm of a melody that gets a little bit annoying after a few listens.

Closing track, ‘Head High (Swim)’, is a heartfelt song that encourages the listener to stay strong and have faith in themselves when they’re at the end of their tether, or just feeling down in general. However, the only other disappointing moment is also found here, with the song fading out during the final chorus rather than bringing the song to a definitive end.

With night clubs finally opening back up again, in England and Scotland anyway, it’s not hard to imagine the first three songs of ‘Godspeed’ providing the soundtrack to a room full of people bouncing up and down at a pop-punk/emo night at your local club.