EP REVIEW: Wednesday 13 – Necrophaze – Antidote

Release Date: April 16th 2021
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Website: www.officialwednesday13.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/officialwednesday13
Twitter: www.twitter.com/officialwed13


Acting as a follow-up to last year’s ‘Necrophaze’, Wednesday 13 has unleashed its aptly titled companion release, ‘Necrophaze – Antidote’.

Short, sharp, and to the point, this EP continues to see Wednesday 13 enjoying a reinvigorated take on his blend of horror punk, thrash, and glam rock. Kicking things off with ‘Your Mother Still Sucks Cocks In Hell’, buzz saw guitars, punchy drum beats, and a hook driven chorus refines the bratty horror punk reminiscent of Murderdolls and earlier projects.

Gleefully offensive and boasting a streamlined yet catchy take on the subgenre, the track shows that Wednesday 13 hasn’t lost his ability to craft memorable horror punk tracks. Serving as a thrash driven companion, ‘Screwdriver 2 – The Return’ wastes no time in tearing through riffs, gang vocals, and guitar solos before giving way to a driving rendition of ‘Devil Inside’ and the synth filled homage to ‘Films’.

A blend of the multiple influences that make up Wednesday 13‘s solo output, ‘Devil Inside’ serves as a re-introduction to the latter stage of his career. Filled with chugging guitars, twisted grooves, rolling drums and spatterings of melody, the song highlights how seasoned Wednesday 13 has become at his own niche, whilst ‘Films’ continues to expand on the parameters.

Led by new wave synths and chugging guitars, ‘Films’ takes a more sparse and experimental approach. With a cinematic quality and Wednesday 13‘s distinct growl keeping consistency, the track is a fitting end to a release that continues to merge into the soundscape explored on last year’s ‘Necrophaze’.