EP REVIEW: Vultures – Hunger

Release Date: October 4th 2019
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.vulturesofficial.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bandofvultures
Twitter: None available


Up-and-coming Victoria, British Columbia based outfit Vultures try to push their sound further with their latest offering, ‘Hunger’.

The six-track EP starts off with ‘Push’, a track that builds up an exciting base for what’s to come with a Pantera-like riff, but just before we discover a spark of intensity, it quickly dissolves into yet just another hardcore song.

While the whole creation reeks with energy and ambition, rather monotone vocals and repetitive riffs don’t really live up to match that. Lyrically the band heavily tackles subjects of problems at home and in the streets, urging whoever listens to watch out for each other more than ever these days. The execution and translation into sound doesn’t seem to have worked as well as anticipated, getting lost in overcompensation of remaining a heavy tone throughout every song.

With ‘Hunger’ only being their second release so far, the band still have loads of room to improve and with the general power behind it all, they’re all set to do so. With tracks such as ‘Rat King’, they certainly prove to have the potential to evolve into what they could be. Further showcasing exactly that is closing number ‘V.P.D.’, which showcases more creative and unique guitar sounds, thundering drums and emotion-filled vocals.

There are remnants of potential to be found here, even if they are just slivers, but Vultures are really going to have to unearth something a little more weighty and substantial if they have any hope to survive amongst the packs of contemporaries that surround them.