EP REVIEW: Villainous – Villainous

Release Date: October 10th 2018
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/villainousbanduk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/villainousrocks


Brighton based four-piece Villainous are bringing forward their own flavour of progressive metal with their debut self-titled EP. With only three tracks and a running time of less than fifteen minutes, it can only be assumed that this EP is meant to act as a short and sweet taster of what’s to come.

‘In Solace’ wastes no time in showing what this band is about, with a heavily distorted yet steady guitar riff opening up the track. This is accompanied by a minimalistic drum groove, played in half-time to emphasise the aggressive feel of this opening. Sean Stakim‘s vocal performance is about what you’d expect from a vocalist of the genre, packing just the right intensive grit and bellowing diction to really carry these songs.

The highlight of this track comes in the form of its breakdown, which consists of a staccato, picked riff from Neil MacCallum and Nick Read, the guitarist and bassist of the band respectively, showcasing this band’s incredible musicianship and tightness with each other.

The incorporation of the acoustic guitar for the introduction of ‘Obsolete’ doesn’t go unappreciated. The sustaining low note of the acoustic guitar along with the mellifluously plucked arpeggio creates a very dissonant feel, reminiscent of ‘Aerials’ by System Of A Down. This then fades out, making way for a creeping feedback and a thumping bass riff to take to the forefront.

The decision for this EP to be self-titled was definitely the correct one. These three tracks act as a cohesive, if not sometimes repetitive introduction of their sound bound to captivate the ears of fans of Tool, Baroness, and Lamb Of God to name but a few. If this is where your music taste lies, Villainous are a band you must check out.