EP REVIEW: Victory Lane – Barebones

Release Date: July 26th 2019
Label: Standby Records
Website: www.victorylaneuk.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/victorylaneuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/victorylaneuk


Naming your band Victory Lane is a very bold move, and on their second EP, ‘Barebones’, the fresh faced Birmingham based pop-punks are out to prove that they are worth their name.

‘Just Personal’ gets the ball rolling with hard-hitting drums and a catchy guitar melody, and frontman Dan Lamb‘s vocals soon bring up the energy. The chorus is a typical pop-punk chorus; catchy and energetic, and guaranteed to get any crowd moving.

On the lead single, ‘Happy Sad’, Lamb said that it’s “a song about finding solace in feeling happy whilst ultimately accepting you also must be sad.” It certainly feels anthemic, and, while not as fast as the EP’s preceding two songs, still holds plenty of fire and oomph throughout.

The party comes to and end with ‘Firing Line’. Starting out with just a soft guitar and vocals, the guitar hardens up at about the 30-second mark, before the rest of the band kick in with full force. The line repeated throughout the song, “I’m never getting over you” will undoubtedly hit close to home and be relatable to anyone who gives the EP a spin.

Victory Lane are well on the way to proving that they’re worth their name, and on ‘Barebones’ they’ve produced a collection of relatable songs that any pop-punk fan will absolutely love.