EP REVIEW: Vespera – A Fragile Seed

Release Date: July 17th 2020
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.vesperaofficial.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vesperaofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/vesperaofficial


With a handful of singles behind them, alternative metal quartet Vespera have released their EP, ‘A Fragile Seed’. Showcasing their ability to craft a cohesive release, in a few short tracks the group touches on many tones and influences.

We get a heavy start in ‘Bloom’ before following up with ‘Paradise’. Mixing elements of grunge, the song’s gloomy melodies swim against stomping choruses. Highlighting how well Vespera structure their tracks, the nuances help move the song away from pandering to outdated tropes.

Following up with the crushing ‘Phoenix Down’, thick guitars and lingering lead melodies push the track into an amalgamation of alternative, groove, and nu-metal. Complete with a syncopated breakdown and an a cappella led coda, it delivers the hallmarks of its influencing subgenres with conviction.

Taking cues from its title, ‘Deafening And Dissonant’ launches into chunky and droning guitars. As a stark contrast, the sparse and reserved verse builds tension via guitarists Cairn Tse-Lalond and Luis Saldarriaga‘s fevered palm-muting before allowing Casval Wolfe‘s crooning vocals to explode.

Capping things off, the EP’s title-track employs moody, atmospheric, and restrained techniques to draw the curtains on this effort. Surprisingly, the final minutes hint at a different direction for the quartet, focusing on haunting melodies and taught dynamics instead of bursts of distortion to drive the track forward.

Delivering on the promise shown on previous singles, ‘A Fragile Seed’ is a record that knows its identity and is willing to play to their strengths. With a strong and consistent EP to back up their previous run on singles, Vespera have set the bar high for any future releases.