EP REVIEW: Veridian – NoVella

Release Date: January 17th 2020
Label: Revival Recordings
Website: www.veridianuk.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/veridianuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/veridianuk


Reading sextet Veridian mark the beginning of their fourth year together (and of the new decade) with the release of their second EP, ‘NoVella’.

Taking a less punky tone than on their previous outing, ‘NoVella’ is a solid piece of mainstream rock with powerful tones, a harmonious lead vocal, and just enough variety from track-to-track to be a real taster of this band’s true potential.

The EP opens with strength, as ‘Halo’ kicks in with a heavy banger of a riff before the soft vocals of Simon Jackson lure you in. The song is instantly catchy, with the repetitive chorus that feels really intuitive to pick up and chant along within seconds of it reaching your ears. The track builds and builds to the point you could almost imagine it being performed by a theatrical choir of people, before climaxing to an abrupt ending.

Later track ‘Friends’ adds some versatility to the overall sound of ‘NoVella’ by including some distortion to the lead vocal and a short synth break in the midsection to give the song a slightly electronic rock feel. This subtle change in tone is a nice bit of comfortable experimentation from the band that doesn’t fall too far away from their core sound.

Another stand out is ‘Curtains’, which offers a more emotionally in touch piece without slowing the EP’s tempo down. While powerful, this song does feel a little long with possibly one too many loops of the chorus. Having said this, it’s easy to pick up the lyrics and sing along to this one, and it’ll definitely be a great set list addition for the foreseeable.

Whilst this EP as a whole is strong throughout, it does peak a little too early. Still, Veridian prove that they’re capable of creating a solid sound throughout ‘NoVella’, and with just enough versatility to give each track its own identity.