EP REVIEW: Until I Wake – Until I Wake

Release Date: July 16th 2021
Label: Fearless Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/untiliwake
Twitter: www.twitter.com/untiliwake


Armed with a collection of tracks that defy their relatively short time together, metalcore quartet Until I Wake have released a taste of their upcoming debut full-length with their self-titled EP.

Getting straight to it, Until I Wake hurdle through grooving riffs, see-sawing vocals, and pulsating electronics to create a full throttle verse. Following on from a strong and hook driven chorus, the group play with dynamics on the second verse, ramping up the energy towards a stampeding crescendo. With a slew of influences peppered throughout the track and a strong chorus, ‘Nightmare’ sets the bar high from the get go.

With ‘Foundations’ and ‘Sinking Under’ matching the energy and promise shown, Until I Wake swiftly show that they know how to deliver catchy yet heavy metalcore. The former swings between pummelling hardcore and sleek choruses, whilst the latter explores the more electronic side of the genre whilst still slipping into dominating breakdowns.

Taking a breather with ‘Self Medicated’ and ‘Less Of Me’, the group pull the focus on vocalist Cody Johnson‘s clean singing to deliver a set of tracks that drive their hooks home without losing the spikey edge found on the beginning of the EP. Whilst both tracks follow a tight blueprint, they still hit hard.

Closing with the hook driven and crunchy ‘Mixed Signals’, Until I Wake yet again display an ease at creating tracks that require multiple listens. Whilst the tracks on display don’t aim to re-invent the wheel, each one of them a executed well and hint at a more experimental edge to be uncovered on their debut full-length.