EP REVIEW: Turnstile – Turnstile Love Connection

Release Date: June 27th 2021
Label: Roadrunner Records
Website: www.turnstilehardcore.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/turnstilehc


A lot of bands these days have been dropping EPs in-between album cycles due to being stuck at home and not being able to tour their latest material. Some are more successful, but some clearly simply got thrown out for the hell of staying relevant and to get something out there.

‘Turnstile Love Connection’, however, the first offering from Turnstile in over three years, is exactly the good kind of surprise release that we all need at this point.

Turnstile have always been the masters of pairing hardcore with more widely accessible sounds, and this EP is no exception to it. It only clocks in at about 8 minutes in total with merely four tracks on offer. One of them is a 45 second interlude, ‘No Surprises’, which honestly doesn’t really seem to go anywhere. Its ending is abrupt, and it doesn’t build for the following track or introduce some kind of shift in gears. So, it’s simply… there.

That discarded, ‘Holiday’, ‘Mystery’, and ‘T.L.C.’ are back-to-back bangers. While not all too different from each other, if you look at them as one collective piece of work, they’re just pure quality, good mood songs to shout along to in the sun at any point of the day.

‘Turnstile Love Connection’ is a decent soundbite as far as EPs go, and something that’s so easily digestible to even hand to new fans who are only just stepping into Turnstile‘s universe.