EP REVIEW: Tigress – Who Cares

Release Date: June 1st 2018
Label: LAB Records
Website: www.tigressofficial.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tigressofficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/tigressofficial


With just over a year passing since their last release ‘Like It Is’, Essex rockers Tigress prove that they still have much more to offer with their now third EP, ‘Who Cares’. Full of angst, power, grunge, and mixing both a raw intense emotion and punk presence to their already established alt rock template, this is the five-piece at their most relatable thus far in their careers.

Opening with a caught on tape argument from the studio, we overhear “It’s already recorded, isn’t it?” with the response “Yeah, but let’s do it properly and not shit”, and then ‘Paranoid’ proper kicks in, and with it we’re brought forward both the dedication and hard work the band have put into these new cuts. The track sets the bar high for success, channeling their darker and angrier roots.

‘Bring Me Down’ and ‘Hangman’ follow some similar sounds and themes, and as they’re being fed down your ears you can easily imagine it being sang back by a huge festival crowd at some future appearances at the likes of Download and Reading & Leeds. The latter of the two in particular really showcases singer Katy Jackson‘s impressive vocal range, which undoubtedly has really fleshed out and shone some through potential through since last year’s ‘Like It Is’ EP.

Both ‘The Cycle’ and ‘Over Your Love’ open up to us their slower and far more intimate and timid side, which they’ve certainly done on a few occasions in their past offerings. The instrumental work in ‘Over Your Love’ is raw and gratifying, with Jackson belting out about being disconnected and feeling free from a bad romantic situation; that’s something we can certainly all relate with to some degree.

Without question, ‘Who Cares’ is an impressive EP and addition to the steadily growing Tigress catalogue. The band are already beginning to push their established boundaries both musically and lyrically, and in turn what we’re left with is an energetic, versatile, and anthemic EP.

The quintet continue to show the possibilities and potential with each release, and when we’re finally bestowed their approach to a full-length, you’re going to know when Tigress have their claws and teeth sunk deep into your playlists.